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The articles you will find here were originally published in either CVSA's membership newsletter, ITEMS, or in CVSA's volunteer opportunities catalogue INVEST YOURSELF.


ITEMS reports and provides analysis of news related to the voluntary service field in a national and international context, as well as political and economic developments relevant to the voluntary service sector.  Articles published in INVEST YOURSELF provide insight and overview to those considering voluntary service and are in the process of deciding where, how and when to volunteer.


Whether you make volunteering in service to others your life's vocation, or simply an important avocation you make time for in your life, or provide support to make it possible for others to volunteer their time, we hope these articles will help you gain perspective on the scope of the needs and on the many possibilities of organizational hosts for your involvement and commitment.


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CVSA and Volunteer Service Today:

Seize This Time to Change the Course of History

By Susan Angus, CVSA Executive Director

The endeavors into which each of us invests our volunteer time are of no small significance in the bigger picture of what future we are forging for mankind.

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How Best to Invest Yourself

By Melissa Draper

What are the necessary qualities to be an effective volunteer? Three characteristics should guide you as you enter a new volunteer position.

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Investing Yourself as a Volunteer:
Warning: Investing Yourself May Change Your Worldview!

By Rev. Dr. Henry Bucher

"Investing yourself, immersing in other cultures, listening and bringing hope, and then acting on what you know is right, will change you; and your impact on society could be more than you can now imagine."

This article was first published in the 2004 INVEST YOURSELF catalogue and subsequently reprinted in Transitions Abroad, linked here:

Out of Bretton Woods and Into a New Epoch: Time to End 'Trickle-down' Policies Imposed upon Developing Nations ...and the U.S.

 by Susan Angus, CVSA Executive Director

Editorial in CVSA's newsletter ITEMS, Fall 2008 edition; a call for participation and leadership in the independent voluntary service and action movement.

     ...incoming UN General Assembly President Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann opened the 63rd General Assembly session decrying the non-observance of United Nations Charter principles, the growing tendency to deprive the Assembly of any real power, and the transfer of ever more power to the Security Council and Bretton Woods institutions of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. "The state of our world today is deplorable," d'Escoto said, noting that more than half the world's people are languishing in hunger and destitution. "What is important now is that we look to the future, learning from our past mistakes, and together embark wholeheartedly on the task of building a new and better world."

Time to End Trickle-down Policies Home [...]
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CVSA Members Decry Government's Mandate for 'Agrofuels' as Destroying Vital Food Supplies

by Susan Angus, CVSA Executive Director

Published in CVSA's newsletter ITEMS Spring 2008 edition

Non-government organizations dedicated to elimination of hunger and creation of sustainable food development fight federal policies that convert long-term sources of foodstuffs into agrofuels.

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U.S. War Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Struggle for Survival ...on the Homefront

by Kareem Estefan

Published in CVSA's newsletter ITEMS Fall 2008 edition

New generation of veterans facing high unemployment or low wage jobs, suicides on the rise, living with serious injuries; By 2020, 20% of veterans under age 45 will be women; $550 billion spent on wars, not on the soldiers.  Volunteer organizations build hope through strong commuities of support in the face of government abandonment.

US Veterans of Afghanistan, Iraq face su[...]
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