CVSA's U.S.-China English Teaching Project is Looking for English Conversation Teachers

to teach in China


Native English-speaking conversation teachers are

needed in primary and middle schools and colleges in

Jiangxi, Zhejiang and other provinces of the People’s

Republic of China.


CVSA initiated a unique U.S.-China volunteer educational exchange project after CVSA Executive Director, Susan Angus, was invited to visit schools in Xinyu, Jiangxi Province in 2003. Local residents and public schools asked CVSA to help find teachers to come to their schools to instruct students in oral English and improve their skill.


Since then, CVSA has been sending volunteers to teach oral conversational English in middle schools and colleges in the spirit of international friendship and mutual respect.


CVSA is looking for more U.S. native English speaking

people who have respect for China, love for children

and youth, experience in teaching and would like to live

and work in China for a school year or a semester.


This is an opportunity to continue to build the growing international friendship and understanding between the people of the U.S. and the people of China, learn about China today and experience the nation’s rich culture.


China is developing rapidly with a national focus currently on

improving the education and economic conditions in rural

and less developed areas of the country. They are providing

leadership in the world in the elimination of poverty and

building international relations based on peace and respect and achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.


The goal of CVSA’s program is to be of assistance in that process, in accordance with China’s chosen path toward development, and to build better understanding and friendship between the people of U.S. and the people of China.


Most students in primary and middle schools in China

study English with Chinese teachers, which includes both

written and oral language skills. Having access to native English speakers provides a special opportunity for students to learn and practice pronunciation and conversational skills. Students, parents and teachers welcome foreign teachers who care and will treat this assignment with respect, hard work, attention to each student and goal-orientation.


Teachers receive a monthly living stipend from the school or college, as well as housing and meals. Native English-speaking people with a college degree who can devote five months for one semester, or ten months for a school year are welcome to apply.


CVSA has an application process and an orientation program for volunteers who respect China, love working with children and youth. This is not an experience to pursue just for the purpose of building an interesting resume nor is it an opportunity for a vacation. This is a chance to help advance international friendship, learn more about Chinese culture and help Chinese students improve their spoken English skills. Applicant must be age 25 or older and in good physical health, and have a college degree.

The school year is from September to early July, with a

midyear winter break for travel. The fall term is from

September to mid-January. The Spring term is from Mid-February to early July.


For a full school year commitment, the host school will reimburse your round trip airfare. A college degree and some experience in teaching or working with people as a leader or instructor are required. ESL experience and ability to develop class material and give attention to every student to increase their oral English skills are beneficial to your application.


For more information about this program and how to

apply, contact Susan Angus at CVSA at (323) 933-2872.