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Just as an organization is stronger than any one individual, the collective experience of many organizations with common interests is also more powerful than that of a single individual or a single organization.


CVSA membership is available to nongovernmental organizations that involve volunteers in their work of addressing social, economic and environmental needs and problems, as well as to organizations that support or place volunteers with such efforts.


Membership is also available to individuals with personal or professional involvement or interest in the voluntary service and action field.




1.    A complimentary copy of each new edition of INVEST YOURSELF, with membership discounts on bulk orders to distribute in your own community and through your networks and outreach.


2.   The CVSA quarterly membership newsletter, ITEMS FOR ACTION: Members are encouraged to contribute articles to ITEMS FOR ACTION about information, news, achievements, experiences of success or failure that offer valuable lessons to be shared with other members.  ITEMS also features information and analysis on national and international developments affecting your community and organization as well as news from other member organizations.


3.   Organizing Tools for promoting the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in your community, and how to highlight the particular SDGs most pertinent to the work of your oganization.


4.    Consultations through site-visits, remote conferences, or group workshops and seminars with other CVSA member organizations seeking to address similar issues, needs and problems.


5.   Training in methodology, tactics and strategies of organizing to reach specific organizational goals. For example, how to recruit and incorporate more volunteers, build support systems for full-time volunteers, build a stronger base of support and participation from the community, stay independent of funding with counterproductive restrictions and other areas of organizational concern. CVSA draws from the collective experience of many organizations as well as its own 70-year history of organizing.


§. Information Exchange and Resource Referrals related to volunteer service or grassroots organizing as well as issues that arise from your work in the community. Members can call CVSA to speak directly with staff on questions they have or to connect with other member organizations to share expertise relating to the member’s concerns.  


7. CVSA Speakers Bureau: Members can participate in CVSA’s nation-wide speakers bureau made up of leaders available to speak on one or more of the many issues that CVSA member organizations address, about volunteer service as a vocation and about the growth of the independent volunteer service and action movement.


8. Representation in the United Nations through CVSA’s NGO Special Consultative Status to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC): CVSA promotes the important work being done by all member organizations, submits proposals and reports to ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies and organizes events at the UN in order to advance the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the U.S. as well as the rest of the world, and builds allies to foster international solidarity among the people and nations of the world.


9. Annual CVSA Membership meeting: Members are invited to attend the annual CVSA membership meeting held on or around December 5th (and in accordance with COVID-19 protocols) to coincide with the annual International Volunteer Day (IVD).



Participation by CVSA members and member organizations is voluntary and varies with their time and resources. We use a mutual assistance approach to organization. CVSA’s full-time and part-time volunteer staff coordinate the work of administrating CVSA’s benefits program and will talk with you about how you can participate best.  


1. Promote and distribute the INVEST YOURSELF: A Guide to Action volunteer catalogue through your networks and in your community.


2. Contribute voluntary annual dues of $45 per year; Dues help support the work of CVSA including the production of our newsletter Items and the Invest Yourself Catalogue as well as phone communications and mailings of these publications to members. Dues are voluntary – no individual or organization is denied membership if they are unable to contribute dues.  Those who have greater resources are encouraged to give more.
3. Share experience, knowledge and expertise that will be helpful to other organizations pursuing similar goals through submissions to the quarterly newsletter Items or in specially organized CVSA membership forums and workshops.

How to Join:


Call us to discuss your particular interests and needs, and we will send you an enrollment form. (323) 933-2872


Together we can provide leadership to build the solutions and win the changes needed through the mobilization of volunteers with our organizations dedicated to these goals.

Call to learn more (323) 933-2872.


People helping people is not just a slogan — it is a way of life.  
Thank you for being part of this important movement.